The Work

Giving Back to the community

After 30 years of work in the cotton industry in Pakistan, TRY founder Henriëtte Scheffer decided it was time to give back to the country that so kindly welcomed her. 

“The lack of good primary and secondary education has had a major negative impact on the development of this industry in the past 30 years. By paying close attention to this in the factory and investing in education for our employees, we have seen and learned to turn things around for the better.”

Providing education then became a priority. In 2012, the first Jet Campus came to life and remains a success to date. Now we want to continue the work Jet has so passionately started.

With your help, we would like to continue building schools the same way we started: committed to empowering the community and amplifying its voice.


One of our key values at TRY Foundation is staying transparent about the work we do. That’s why we have vowed to partner with organisations that share the same principle and are equally open about their mission. 

We aim to deliver change straight into the hands of those who need it; no bureaucracy, no third-parties, no hidden receipts. We would like to create our own infrastructure, so that every cent of donation goes into our mission: building and maintaining schools in order to empower the community we serve to become fully self-sustaining.

Respecting Identities

The way to truly empower a community is to listen to it and let them lead the way. For that reason, we built our very first school with the intent of staying true to the country’s identity. 

In underprivileged and highly religious areas of Pakistan, education for girls is often met with distrust and skepticism. One of the reasons why parents were eager to allow their daughters to attend our school and later on become workers was they felt that their beliefs were still respected by having an all-girls section.