Creating a movement
through connection

The Red Yarn (TRY) is a movement created by Henriëtte Scheffer when she first started handing out red pieces of yarn in exchange for telling her story to raise awareness for education in Pakistan. Since 2018, the red yarn has become TRY’s symbol of unification.

For €1, donors get a symbolic meter of red yarn; for €10, they get a red yarn bracelet. With each donation, big or small, you contribute to a worldwide movement for education and through connection, one story turns into many.

Join our mission to become a part of that story!

Partnering with
local NGOs

In order to ensure that we work with reputable and serious organisations, TRY is committed to visiting them and witnessing their work firsthand. Our intention is to empower local entities to continue working for their communities in their own way – without interfering with their values and culture – in aims to amplify their voices.

We strive to be a learning foundation, one that listens to the people of Pakistan and provide them with the tools to succeed within their own power.

Take for instance The Citizens Foundation (TCF), which inspired TRY’s dream to build thousands of schools across the world. Since 1995 TCF has provided quality education for children and built over 1,500 schools to date.

In 2011, after noticing the success of TCF’s primary schools, it became evident to TRY founder Henriëtte Scheffer that in order to continue their great work, secondary schools must be built. The ‘Jet Campus‘ became a reality the following year.