the next generations
through education

Developing countries with prominent cotton industries often encounter the issue of high illiteracy levels. Through expert collaboration and by directly funding local NGOs, we aim to promote education in these countries and start a global movement to make education accessible for children living in these areas.

The Birthday Education Fund

The Birthday Education Fund is a project aiming to give children in Pakistan the warm feeling of a birthday. At TRY, we want to give these children the most valuable gift at our reach: the chance of a full 11 years of education. Just like a birthday, we want a child’s first day of school to be a representation of a brand new life and a future of opportunities.

The Red Yarn movement

The Red Yarn (TRY) is a movement created by Henriëtte Scheffer when she started handing out one meter of yarn in exchange for telling her story in order to raise funds for education in Pakistan. Since then, the red yarn has not only given TRY Foundation its name, but also became a  symbol of connection, as donors would receive either one meter of yarn for €1 or a yarn bracelet for €10.

It’s all about connection.

The Red Yarn Foundation funds education while sharing knowledge about the cotton industry. Together, we would like to continue working on increasing levels of literacy for children living in vulnerable areas. Here is how we work:

Funding reputable local organisations that provide top-quality education for children in Pakistan;

Creating awareness around the problem of illiteracy in remote areas of the world and educating our community on the value of cotton products;

Ensuring that every cent of donation goes into education, without third-party costs or entities.

Our Partners

Discover the organisations helping us achieve our mission.

Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd.

The Citizens Foundation