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There are few experiences as heart-warming as being showered with love and gifts on one’s birthday. Some of us use this day to gather family and friends, others to treat ourselves with a day off and a cake. Whether you choose to celebrate your big day with a fancy party or an intimate dinner, you know what it’s like to have one day out of the year that’s specially yours.  

According to The Citizens Foundation, in Pakistan many children don’t know their date of birth, therefore never getting to experience the joys of a birthday. 

The Birthday Education Fund is a project aiming to give children in Pakistan the warm feeling of a birthday. At TRY, we want to give these children the most valuable gift at our reach: the chance of a full 11 years of education. Just like a birthday, we want a child’s first day of school to be a representation of a brand new life and a future of opportunities. 

With €1,200, you may grant a child in Pakistan an entire school life, from first until twelfth grade. Not ready to commit to such an amount? No problem. Every small donation counts.  

Whether you choose to collect the money with family or friends at your own birthday or make a one-off donation at any point of the year, know that your contribution is a step forward in favor of education.

The greatest gift is the
gift of giving.

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Our Partnership with TCF

The Birthday Education Fund is a project born from TRY’s partnership with The Citizens Foundation (TCF), one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged.

At TRY, social responsibility and transparency are two of our most important values. With this in mind, we aim to create long-lasting impact in the lives of children by fully granting them the opportunity to quality education.

Each time we reach €1,200 euros in donation, a child gets a shot at a full 11 years of schooling through TCF.

We then celebrate April 1 – the first day of the school year – as the birth date of a new life of opportunity.

You can read TCF’s 2022 Annual Report here.

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A small gift from us to you

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse

As a small gift to those providing children with a lifetime of education, with every €1,200 donation we gift a donor with the wonderful book by Charlie Mackesy ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse.’ This book of quotes illustrates many of the values we so dearly hold at TRY: education, collectivity and a deep passion for life.

– Charlie Mackesy